First Time to an Auction?
Come in and browse all the items to see what you might be interested in. Ask any of the staff any questions you might have about the items or auction process. Then get a buyer’s number from the office. You bid on the items then pay for your purchases in the office when you have finished bidding.

Q: Do you charge to get a buyer’s number?
A: No, we do not charge you to sign up and get a buyer’s number.

Q: What do I need for auctions?
A: You’ll want to bring your driver’s license, and payment method (checkbook, cash, or credit/debit card). The food stand only takes cash. There is an ATM at Casey’s and an ATM at a bank down the street from our auction building.

Q: How do I get a buyer’s number?
A: Go to the cashier’s table located in the office and fill out the necessary information to receive a buyer’s number.

Q: How do I buy something?
A: Wait for the item you’d like to be brought up for auction. Listen for the first number the auctioneer calls out price wise. That is the amount to auctioneer feels the item should go for. The auctioneer will then usually start out at a much lower number. To place a bid at the current value raise your buyer’s number to indicate your interest in bidding. A ringman will call your bid then you can lower your card, if someone else outbids you and you still want the item you’ll need to bid again. If you win the auctioneer will ask for your buyer’s number so that can be recorded. Please take your item at that point as you are responsible for it.

Q: How do I ask questions?
A: If you have any questions ask the auctioneer or a ringman before the auction. If the auction is currently going on there are some extra ringman usually available to answer questions. In the case that no ringmen are available please ask our cashiers and they will be happy to answer your question or they will direct you to someone who can.

Q: When and how do I pay?
A: You can pay whenever you have finished purchasing the items you wanted. It does take about 10 minutes after your item sells for the office to receive the sheet with the item and price information on it. So come into the office and pay the cashier about 10-15 minutes after you purchased your last item. We will total up all of your purchases at that time. We accept cash and check with a valid state issued photo id.